Sinkhole Causes, Locations and Information

Sinkholes result in impressive holes in the ground that may go hundreds of feet deep.  Water saturation and erosion are the main mechanism that results in a sinkhole.  Sinkholes can be the result of natural phenomena, or the due to human landscape modifications.  People search for sinkholes for two main reasons:

Sinkhole in Urban Areas

Sinkholes can destroy homes, businesses and roads.  A Sinkhole creates a problem for homeowners, resulting in insurance claims.   If a sinkhole appears on a property, it is ncessary to do remediation or repair of ground stability and repair property foundations.  A newly formed sinkhole can be very dangerous, as it might still be in the process of formation.

How Sinkholes Form

Who to Contact about a Sinkhole

Sinkholes in Public and Private Property

Sinkholes in Nature

Some sinkholes are impressive and very interesting.  Some sinkholes have existed through several centuries and have been of extreme interest to many civilizations throughout the ages.  Some sinkholes have become beautiful lakes where people swim, others connect to caves.  Some people decend to sinkholes using ropes, others scuba dive in them.

Sinkholes in Nature